My new blog – feeling Yogly in my 50’s 

I have reached a point in my life where I have begun to have some realizations about a different stage in my life.

  • I probably won’t be writing that series of novels I think I have inside of me
  • It is quite unlikely that I will become a famous artist
  • Like anyone else I have a limited amount of life yet – at my age I likely have 10 to 25 years left. I want to use it well!
  • My children are getting older and they will have their own lives
  • Loneliness has started to creep in at times.

As I talk to other people my age, I start to understand we are all asking ourselves certain things and many of them I hear over and over. This blog is intended to work through these dilemmas in my own head and hopefully help guide other folks in these areas.

Some of the categories I would like to cover:

  • Social connections
  • Dating
  • Retiring
  • Relocating to Costa Rica or Panama?
  • Downsizing house and possessions
  • To garden or market?
  • Apartment or house?
  • Worrying about my adult children
  • What do I want to be when I grow up? New career?
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